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Bali Interesting Places

Bali island offers rich interesting places from nature beauty, art, architecture, ritual, and formost is the hospitable people. Dozens of different places can be explored with its specific village pattern and lush tropical greeneries, vast rice fields and rural village life. A sightseeing packages of 4 days would not be enough to explore all of the interesting places. The tradition of Hindu and Buddhist mixed to have created unique tradition with striking views on their art such as various dances, music, and colorful rituals. All of these aspects of Bali can be seen through well planned tour packages.

Worth to mention also are newly created interests such as water theme recreation or sports, animal parks, various type of rejuvening massage and spa, up to theree dimensional pictures giving effect of life ilusion. Bali has been honored also as one of the best place for the honeymoon holiday on the freely availability of wide range of facilities.

Balinese Compound, settlement pattern of Balinese that has a very unique architecture because each elements of the construction is to be related with the religious and traditional beliefs. Visit this during any of full day or half day Bali tours arrangement.

Gold and Silver smith, they create many elegant designs, which are greatly influenced by local tradition. The villages known as the best place for this art works are Desa Celuk near Batubulan, and Desa Singapadu, bordering with Desa Celuk. These places can be visited during favorite day tour called Kintamani mountain tour in Bali. It is also possible to arrange a half day Bali tour.

Guwa Gajah, the 11th carved on a rock. Depending on the time, we drive directly to the Kintamani mountain with its magnificent view of the mount Batur crater where lake Batur and active mount Batur are located. This crater created a true magnificent Bali mountain views as the most interesting highlight of Bali full day sightseeing tours.

Sebatu temple, one of the typical water temple in Bali. Time permitting, a visit to one of the artists of Typical Ubud painting or fine woodcarving artist. Can be combined to visit this temple during full day or half day Bali tour arragement.

Update on Procedure of Entering Inonesia relating to the Covid-19 restriction, it is in 2 languages, Indonesia and English
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