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Paket Tour Murah

This tour is the most popular sightseeing in Bali and consist of the most varied interesting visits which can be said complete view of nature, dance, history, carvings, handicaft, temple, and other interesting places.

Barong dance is a dance symbolizing good and evil spirits. The Barong is symbolized with a creature resemble a tiger and the witch is symbolized with frightening lady with long teeth sharp tusk, big breasts and always hanging long tongue called Rangda. Since the witch has a very strong magic power, dozen of the Barong assistants who intended to attack Rangda were hypnotized and committing suicide by stabbing themselves by kris.

Balinese Compound, a settlement pattern of Balinese that has a very unique architecture because each elements of the construction is to be related with the religious and traditional beliefs.

Gold and Silver smith, they create many elegant designs, which are greatly influenced by local tradition. The villages known as the the land of art works such as Desa Celuk near Batubulan, and Desa Singapadu, bordering with Desa Celuk. Their work showing ethnic specialities, uncomparable with other places anywhere, even some consider them as local genious.

BaturGuwa Gajah, the 11thBuddhist Monastery carved on a rock. Depending on the time, we drive directly to the Kintamani mountain with its magnificent view of the mount Batur crater where lake Batur and active mount Batur are located. Lunch will be served at one of the restaurant overlooking breathstaking wide Batur crater.

Sebatu temple, one of the typical water spring temple in Bali, a temple built to preserve the natural water source, a unique way of Balinese tradition in the past to preserve the nature and cultural heritages using god laws. So you can see many temples in Bali at the sites of preservations. Time permitting, a visit to one of the artists of Typical Ubud painting or fine woodcarving artist and their working place will be visited.

Duration 8 hours. Scheduled 07.30 – 16.30

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