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FIT Tour Planner

Every sales person can quote with only consulting FIT and Hotel Rates, the foremost requirement is mastering the FIT tours as on list. A sample of how to elaborate an inquiry is given at the end of this discussion.
Some tours listed are the most popular and covering the most interesting places such as nature, soft adventure, recreation, art, architecture, and handicrafts in half day, full day, and short event (dinner, massage, transfers)

  1. See duration as time estimate on FIT rates
  2. Composition must be efficient in time and distance, not to strain and not too loose. This is indicated at the end of FIT list. For example Kintamani can’t be combined with Tanah Lot as it is time strain, yet it is combinable with Night Safari, as both tours are located on east Bali. Bedugul can’t be combined with Uluwatu as it is time strain, yet good to combine with Tanah Lot, Kedaton monkey forest, Jatiluwih rice terrace and Taman Ayun temple. On each tour listed on FIT possible visit choices are given with guidance, it is not possible to insert any visit beyond that list, for example Denpasar city and Tanah Lot tour here :

    PAX NO 2 3 4 5 ……

    Visit : Bajra Sandhi monument, traditional market, and Bali batik art Combinable with :
    • Taman Ayun 2,28
    • Bali Museum 3,98
    • Art Center 3,98

    The itinerary of 3 places Bajra Sandhi, traditional market, Bali batik art can be added only 1 more visit chosen from 3 list : Taman Ayun or Bali museum or Art Center at once add corresponding cost to the cost at the itinerary. Or change that is/are already in the itinerary with places mentioned on combinable with, but need to make sure that it has same entrance fees.

  3. Changing hotel: combine with afternoon sightseeing such as Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, Denpasar city, and Water sport, as all hotels check out time is 12.00. This saves cost of intra hotel transfers.
  4. Sightseeing outside Bali such as Gilis, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan must be scheduled at the early part of the holiday. This is to be prepared in case something happened causing client delayed at the destination and there will still time to recover the rest of the program
  5. Water sport activities must be at least 2 days before boarding any airline as suggested by safety caution of INACA (Indonesian Airline Company Association)
  6. Careful with Religious holiday on Bali especially for Galungan, Kuningan, and Nyepi when all companies and government offices are closed.
    Other religious holiday causing room demand is high such as school holiday, Moslem and Chinese holidays
  7. Indian Cuisine
    Difficulties in arranging lunch and dinner on Indian cuisine will arise if client staying at South Jimbaran, Uluwatu, and Ungasan, so in case client staying on these areas to provide Indian meal can only with return transfers valid for prices BU area, or delivery with additional prices of US$ 2.00/meal/person including packing and transport, however it is still cheaper than return transfers. Indian restaurant only available at Kuta, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa and Denpasar city.
    Quotation will be always based on standard menu vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Since we do not know if any client will require better dishes or not, menu list has been provided at the end of FIT rates, so every sales can offer choices. All meal rates on FIT are based on standard menu.

    Indian Restaurant Menu List, Prices as on the end of FIT

    Jain and Vegetarian

    01 Salad (v) + 03 Main Course (02 Veg + 01 Dhal) + 01 Indian Bread + 01 Rice + 01 Indian Dessert + Condiments + Water

    01 Salad (v) + 01 Soup + 03 Main Courses (02 Veg + 01 Dhal) + 01 Indian Bread + 01 Indian Rice + 01 Indian Dessert + Condiments + Water and Soft drink

    1 Salad (v) + 1 Soup + 4 Main Courses (3 Veg + 1 Dal) + 1 Indian Bread + 1 Indian Rice + 1 Indian Dessert + Condiments + Water and Soft drink

    Non Vegetarian

    01 Green Salad + 03 Main Courses (01 NV + 01 Veg + 01 Dal) + 01 Indian Bread + 01 Rice (Indian) + 01 Indian Dessert + Condiments + Water

    01 Green Salad + 01 Soup + 03 Main Courses (01 NV + 01 Veg + 0 1 Dal) + 0 1 Indian Bread + 01 Indian Rice + 01 Indian Dessert + Condiments + Water and Soft drink

    01 Green Salad + 1 Soup + 04 Main Courses (01 NV + 02 Veg + 01 Dal) + 1 Indian Bread + 1 Indian Rice + 1 Indian Dessert + Condiments + Water and Soft drink

    If there is delivery of the food, then Soup, will not be provided, in the booking
  8. Ticket Only Recreation are available on FIT as choices. In case any recreation is not combined with any relevant sightseeing choose car hire according to indicated duration ( half or full day)

Four areas below having different costing as indicated on FIT rates. Whenever an inquiry asking certain hotel it is necessary to check in what area the hotel is located

  1. North Jimbaran :
    Bali Intercontinental Hotel, Sari Segara Resort, Kupu-kupu Jimbaran, Movenvick Hotel, Sintesa Hotel Considered the same area with North Jimbaran are:
    Tuban bordering with airport:
    Kuta Center including Sunset road
    Legian including Sunset road:
    Seminyak including Sunset road
  2. Nusa Dua Including within this area are :
    Tanjung Benoa (Novotel, Aston, Grand Mirage, The Tanjung)
    Kampial, Taman Mumbul, Taman Griya (Alindra Suite, Dewata Villas, Goodway Hotel, Mahagony hotel)
    Ungasan (Bali Hilton)
    South Jimbaran (Ayana + Rimba, Four Seasons, Temple Hill, Pat Mase Villas)
  3. Uluwatu ( Banyan Tree, Ungasan Cliff Resort, Karma Resort )
    This area is considered the same as Ubud
    Please be careful with some hotels published themselves as located in Ubud which are actually beyond Ubud such as Alam Puisi, Furama Villa, Alam Anda, Alam Sari, Alam Indah, Nature Resort, Puri Ganga, Puri Sebatu, Being Sattva Resort, Padma Resort etc.
  4. Beyond Ubud including: Pejeng, Sukawati, Payangan, Tampak Siring, Kendran, Petulu, and Keliki. On FIT abbreviated with BU in red. Staying at this area is best for relax or free program, organizing any sightseeing from this place is difficult as it causes to consume the time only on the road, driving back and forth is unavoidable due to location of interesting places located in 4 directions from the area. And the most to be considered these places are far from anything.


  1. Three Dimensional Museum (DMZ) good only combined with Tanah Lot temple tour, Denpasar City tour if staying in Kuta and surrounding and Nusa Dua Area. While if staying in Ubud only good with Denpasar city tour and Uluwatu temple tour. Closed during covid-19 until today
  2. Good Schedule for massage is combined with sunset dinner cruise, water sport with or without Uluwatu temple if staying at Kuta and surrounding. If staying at Nusa Dua good to combine with water sport and Tanah Lot tour only
  3. Bali Bird Park is good to combine with Kintamani tour, if staying at Kuta surrounding and Nusa Dua. If staying at Ubud good only combine with water sport with or without Uluwatu and Denpasar city tour
  4. Bali Zoo, the same as Bali Bird Park
  5. Bali Safari and Marinepark, an imitation of Africa savage land
  6. Water Sport, there are many companies all at the cape of Benoa, the only safe beach to enjoy the recreations. During covid-19 all are closed and until today only 1 company can operate
  7. Kuta Theatre with local and national performances. Closed until today
  8. Dev Dance, a combination of various dances and ethnic art. Close until today
  9. Kecak Dance, Bali ethnic dance. Close until today
  10. Barong Dance, one of the most Bali traditional dance, all located at the village of Batubulan and con only visited during Kintamani or Ubud tour if client stay at South Bali such as Kuta, Jimbaran and Sanur. Close until today
  11. Cruise holiday including dinner parties. Close until today


  1. Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. These islands are located 45 minutes by boat with 30 knot/hour cruising sometimes rough sea during November – March with the peak of unpredictable season during December – January. It is best to educate prospect that in case boat do not operate be changed with other activities on Bali, the comparable one is North Bali tour or Taman Ayun, Bedugul, Kedaton Monkey Forest and Tanah Lot tour.
    Secondly, many persons are proved to be stubborn and such as taking snorkeling without consultation with local expert, approaching big waves over red line, walking on the path that is not recommended etc, and this was taking victims already, even one Indian youngster lost and undiscovered until today at Nusa Lembongan.
    That is why agent is suggested not to sell snorkeling during offering sightseeing to both islands, let client consult local expert to assess the sea condition at the time of visit.
  2. Gili island is located 6 hours from Bali by ferry boat of 10 knot/hr, and 3 hours by speed boat of 30-40 knot/hr. The strait between Bali and Lombok is totally unpredictable during December – January and dangerous for any sea transport. In the past due to client insisting to visit Gili, they were stranded on the island or must return by bigger ferry boat through Lembar harbor which take almost a day only for returning to Bali with more expensive cost. Also they have to take flight from Central Lombok to Ngurah Rai airport Bali with triple the cost of by speed boat.
  3. Some waterfalls mentioned on internet must be careful. Some persons insist to see waterfall that they found on internet, this person must be briefed that internet information some times are parabolic and even not correct, small waterfall is published as big and high, difficult path is said easy access. So many guests already trapped by the information. Most videos are looking for subscribers than a real guidance for travelers. The best waterfall based on accessibility, safety and cleanliness are only Tegenungan and Gitgit. In case any person asking other than this we must inform them of safety and to take responsibility on his/her own.

Important Hindu Holiday

Galungan and Kuningan

Galungan day is commemoration of ancestors by decorating our gates, houses, family temples, and put offerings on many places around our houses, temples, and certain places for preparation of puja. The most important thing during this holiday is the festive views of Bali with colorful palm leaves decoration at the gates, cross roads, temples and at the village meeting halls. House wives make various type of cooking from snacks to main menus with more specialties, and busy to prepare and brings offering to various temples in the villages.

Kuningan a kind of farewell day, organized after 10 days since Galungan. During Kuningan holiday, there is no activity of decorating the places, the decoration since 10 days is still maintained. The activity is also include arranging the offerings at the family temples, and places around the houses, but the situation is less festive than Galungan. For Bali provincial area all government offices are closed for 3 days, most big companies also closed on 3 days.

Nyepi Day

“Nyepi” day in Brief “Nyepi” is Balinese celebration of New Year of Çaka, the calendar which is still in use in Bali. The event can be seen in 3 consecutive activities in 3 days.
One day before Nyepi is called Ngerupuk. Starting around 18.00 until 21.00 in the villages will be noisy sometimes with deafening sound, procession of Ogoh-ogoh monster like figure made of Bamboo and sterofoam circling the villages. The hectic situation was at the beginning to remind every one of the event next day and expected no one would forget. Every Balinese Hindu will take any effort to be at their village before 18.00. That is why normally they work only until 12.00 today.
On Nyepi Day is a practice of "3 NO" no sound, no fire, no travel continues until next morning around 06.00. So, here is a strange world without sound, dark, total quietness. All business activities are closed, local TV channels, even international airport of Ngurah Rai is totally closed. Only international places such as hotel, and vital place such as hospital are open. Since 2000 there is no dispensation anymore to those who need to go to airport or to any other place with any reason except medical urgencies. In general during Nyepi every one must stay at home and personally practice the 3 NO, if found to offend a traditional sanction will be given by the head of the village.
The day after Nyepi is called "Manis Nyepi". Small puja at family temple, and every one back again to work, but needs time to prepare the start as they have to depart from their respective villages. That is why during this day one can work only very late around 12.00

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