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Paket Tour Murah

Sightseeing Itinerary

This afternoon sightseeing is one of the most popular among travellers. It is as popular as Uluwatu with it's evening kecak dance with dinner fresh seafood at Jimbaran beautiful bay. Tanah Lot is especially having the best management object facilities, not like Kintamani where there is nothing for travellers facilities only having the best natural view without any service at all.

Tanah Lot temple tour is started around 16.00 with first visit at Taman Ayun Temple, a temple built by Mengwi kingdom in 1634 A.D, as the symbol of victorious kingdom, and dedicated to the Hindu gods and holy souls of high dignitaries of the kingdom. Kedaton Monkey forest, a temple surrounded by woods forest where wild monkeys, and fruit bats are hanging around. The monkeys are tame and we can feed them by hand. The temple showing archaic character. Tanah Lot temple, a temple built on the rock, which is continuously under abrasion. Now the site is already separated from the main land of Bali. The best view is when sunset changes the temple into silhouette.

Duration 5 hours Good time 14.30 – 19.30.

Kedaton Monkey Forest that is the name widely used to refer spot of land with high trees densely growing in an area of around 100 hectares located closed to Mengwi town known for it's Taman Ayun Temple. The name Kedaton refers to a place where king palace was constructed. It might be true that during 16th century when the area of Tabanan kingdom broke into various small vassals, one small king might had lived here. As the fact that the king of Mengwi was before had their palace built very closed the area of Kedaton. Today Kedaton is a nature reserve where live dozen of wild moneys and big fruit bats known as flying foxen. After the gate of the reserve is a medium temple showing a great influence of megalithic tradition. There are various natural stone being seated on an titlears in the middle of the temple which is also named as Pura Kedaton. This name also lead to an assumption that this temple was belong to one of the small kingdom at the moment, so the meaning is as if it is the temple belong to the palace ( temple belong to the Kedaton ). In 1981 the department of Archaeology University of Udayana carried out an excavation in this area to clear out the misleading believe of the local people that the monkey burry their dead member in a spot of land with many small dooms. If good weather, Tanah Lot offer good sunset with temple on the back ground.

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